Learning social entrepreneurship is a journey

The Sisters Blended Value Project provides a mentored leadership formation program for Sisters. ACWECA invites congregations to enter into a discernment process to determine their readiness to participate in the SBVP. Social entrepreneurship is a journey! It requires preparation and determination, and a willingness to undertake a lot of planning and hard work. The SBVP journey requires a commitment of at least 18 months as a part time ministry -- this is the time commitment of the formation program that would help you start and grow a social enterprise initiative sponsored by your congregation. 

In this audio file, Joseph Nkandu, the founder of NUCAFE, relates his own journey into social entrepreneurship. In this 40 minute audio presentation, he describes his humble background and how he became convinced that coffee growing could help rural Ugandans to prosper. This is a story of how he, as a layman, discerned his own vocation as a social entrepreneur.

Unlike charity, social enterprise projects start slowly, with a lot of planning and research. Even though most congregations of Sisters in Africa are poor, they are rich with talented women. This human resource is the most important investment for your congregation to make. The following videos describe the SBVP journey that the Religious Sisters of the Holy Spirit have made over a one year period. As you watch these videos, please ask yourselves: are you motivated to take such a journey?

The first two videos are Sr. Juunza Mwangani RSHS presenting at the African Diaspora Investment Summit in California, January 2020. 


Sr Juunza explains what attracted her to SBVP


Sr Juunza explains her congregation’s business plan for the Emerging Farmers Initiative

Discussion question: if you were invited to speak in such a setting, how would you prepare?

These two videos are of Sr Juunza presenting to the Miller Center staff in January 2020


Sr Juunza reflects upon how social entrepreneurship unlocks the gifts of her Sisters. 


Sr Juunza describes the Emerging Farmer Initiative in detail (20 minutes; large file). Watch the whole presentation, because it reveals how much work these Sisters have invested in their project. 

Discussion question: if your superior asked you to work on the SBVP on behalf of your congregation, would you be willing to invest this kind of effort with your Sisters?

On the farm in Zambia April 2020 that will host the Emerging Farmers Initiative 


The Sisters see great potential in farming their land


Sr Christerbel shows off the new fencing and future orchard

Discussion question: what resources (land, people, buildings) does your congregation have that you might be able to re-imagine as part of a social enterprise project?

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