The SBVP journey with examples

Please read this article to learn how Sisters are learning about social entrepreneurship! 

Heather Adams. 2019. Nuns in Africa create social enterprise startups to help communities. Religion News Service.

Below you can find video presentations of Sisters who are learning about social entrepreneurship. Watch these to learn how Sisters are growing in their skills. These are “pitch sessions” in which the Sisters explain their work and vision, and their future plans. 

The first set of Sisters are learning how to farm poultry as a social enterprise. They are doing this to benefit their congregation and to employ local women.  

The second set of Sisters are forming coffee coops so as to help their neighbors obtain a fair price for their coffee, and to provide a source of revenue for their congregations.

Eggpreneur sisters pitches: LSOSF then ASE

NUCAFE sisters pitches: Banyaterezian then IHMR

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