Homework: Do you want to learn more about social entrepreneurship?

Discussion questions for your team of Sisters:

  1. What is your vision for creating social impact? After reviewing all the material so far, describe what kind of change you would like to create in your local community. This is an invitation to dream. 
  2. What social problem would you like to tackle? What kind of solution would you like to offer? What change would it make? 


Deliverable 1: Now, we request each Sister on the team fill out this survey. In it, you will report your perceptions of social entrepreneurship and your own practices. Each Sister should fill out this form:  https://forms.gle/cEiP6D6Fb7As713MA 


Deliverable 2: Compose a short video in which you, Sisters, describe your vision for your congregation starting a social enterprise. If you prefer, you can write this out in a few paragraphs. Explain what aspects of human dignity and the common good you would like to build up with social entrepreneurship! 

You can make your submission here below or you can send it Sr Celestine.